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Why do I call myself Ian?

Ian, a three letter name, is it my name? No, my name is Sharan.
I call myself Ian because I found it to be short and easy to pronounce like John or Mike.
Does it have a link to my name? Yes, in a way. Since my last name is Pandian, I noticed the last three letters and I got the idea of Pand-Ian.
I know what Y’all are thinking, why am I doing this? Probably because I wanted a stage name, it sounds cool and that’s why it’s
on my WordPress name.
So how did I come up with the name? I remember it happening when I was writing a mathematics exam that I didn’t study for, and I was in doubts and bored most of the time. Later I noticed my last name and was doodling on it. Later I find out its Pand-Ian! That’s my peak time during that exam. Oh well, that’s the interesting or uninteresting story of how I call myself as Ian. Oh well, life 🙂