What is the full form of AMOLED display?

We hear the word AMOLED Display, AMOLED HD Display, etc time and time again. But do we know what it stands for, at least? Most of us don’t! And most of us don’t know what’s the difference between it and other displays. So let us find out what’s the full form of AMOLED Display and the differences!



AMOLED Display stands forActive-matrix organic light-emitting diode Display.



AMOLED is an emerging display technology used in portable devices like mobile phones. Active-matrix OLED displays provide the same performance as their passive-matrix OLED counterparts, but they consume significantly less power.



Well, so what’s the difference between it and the LCD Display? Well not really that much. In a nutshell, LCD Display requires a backlight and for AMOLED Display, it has a built-in backlight and it has deeper blacks in it’s display. It also has better outdoor viewing capabilities, so that’s an advantage. So other than that, it’s the same.


So, does it make a big difference in what display you buy for your smartphone? Probably not, if you’re a person who uses the smartphone in a normal pattern and doesn’t mind the minor issues like outdoors visibility. At the end of the day, both are excellent displays. So, Good luck! 🙂


iPhone 6 Rumors Roundup

This is the time of the year where we set the countdown for the release of the much awaited iPhone 6 and we have many rumors on how it is going to be. We have the rumor roundups for the phone and the release dates. With the informations I collected from various sources,here is the rumors. So lets jump in to the rumors!

Release Dates


Some reports state that the iPhone 6 is going to be launched in September 16th and it won’t hit the stores until the second or third week of October. These dates are quite same to those of the launch of previous iPhones and it might be accurate. 



The screen size has been rumored to be in 2 sizes. One will be 4.7 inches and the other is of 5.5 inches. Since the increase of the size, it is most likely to increase the resolution of the phone and therefore change in ppi. It is said that the display and screen is going to have Sapphire glass, so we can expect it to handle a few scratches and dents.



It is said that the iPhone resolution won’t have a higher MP. But then again, Apple might try to improve the quality of the lens and hope it would have a better quality of HD images with the software tricks they have in their bag. They might possibly bring the missing iOS camera features which are found in other places of the app store. 

Third Party Applications

We saw at WWDC that iOS 8 is a more refined version of iOS and it helps in using Third Party apps notifications and keyboards and multiple features which wasn’t there in Apple at the past, but there in other platforms for a long time, still it is great to see that Apple is adapting different ways to stay in the competition. 

Hardware Design


As previous iPhones, we can expect a premium quality designs and stylish for this time. iPhone 6 is going to feature a sleek metal aluminum body and it is going to be thinner than ever, so it’s going pretty great to hold in the hand, however, will it face well the falls? Hope so.


My biggest and greatest concern for an iPhone is the battery and nothing else. iPhones have a small batteries compared to the competitions as iPhone 5s battery did well compared to it’s former iPhones but suffered a blow against it’s opponents. Hope iPhone 6 improved it’s battery and adds wireless charging, it is highly unlikely tho. Still,hope.


iPhone performance at a consistent base is awesome and second to none, but we can see a slight bit of lag at times.It’s not uncommon. We might see a Quad Core this time,maybe. iOS 8 might have a better time if it had a A8 chip which was a Quad Core and if it is backed up with 2 GB or more RAM. 

Storage Options

It is said that iPhone 6 might have a maximum storage of option of 128GB and it will have the regular options of 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. And again, No external storage again. We still have the cloud storage, so, mixed feelings.



The extra rumors are that we might get a solar charging display, which is a possible but it might not be in it’s final stage yet, so let’s keep it as a rumor. It is said to have a Heart rate monitor and also to have Touch ID from iPhone 5s with more features. It is rumored that the iWatch might release with the iPhone 6, but that is possibly a rumor and might release late this year.


Overall, you can expect the iPhone to be a strong competition to other smartphones in today’s market in the month of October and possibly releasing with a cheaper version of iPhone, that is still a rumor tho. Will iPhone 6 release multiple colors or go with the 3 colors which were there from the iPhone 5s? What may be the price, will it be the same or more? We will know soon!

Which is more important? Performance or Battery Life?

This is a discussion which has been there for a long time and it feels like it’ll never be settled down. Both are important and should be at their peaks. But not all phones have the best of the two, and have either the higher of one and the lower of the other. So, which is more important for the common user? We will find out

Battery Life


It is one of the most concerns we have in today’s smartphones as, a smartphone struggles to last a day in today’s performance and it often needs to be charged more than once a day. Battery life in high end phones are often weak to average, due to the processing power and the ram and sometimes due to the heat, the battery drains in a few minutes. Not all High End smartphones battery are bad, but most suffer in this and it is often recommended to them to have external chargers and power cases. In mid range section, it is better in the battery life section and the reason is mainly of reducing the processing power and the ram usage, so the phone has a better battery life but a medium performance with the CPU. It is the similar case with the low range smartphones where the battery is better than the CPU Perfomances. Sometimes it depends on how the UI is customized, if it’s simple and has not much weights, the battery consumption can be reduced in a few methods. Without Battery, the phone is absolutely nothing, so it is quite important.

CPU Perfomances 

image image

Another important performance is the CPU. Every year, Every month, Every update there is on the hardware of a device, there is always a bump on the CPU. These improvements can’t be noted for everything, but overall it is used to give a better performance and at a consistent rate. My HTC one is still as fast as it was since the day I booted it for the first time. Does having low Specs affect the phone? It depends on what case. For using social media apps and playing android games for a long period, there may be lags but it still perfomances in a good pace. But the downside is that’s the peak. It can’t go further with better performances, unless you root the phone and overclock it, which affects the battery life in an indirect way. But with better Clock speed and more cores of processors, it has better performances at a consistent rate which will be a major power up if you’re going with the idea of using this device for a long period of time. But no matter what the hardware is, it will age sooner or later and have issues which might affect the CPU.

Overall Conclusion 

it all comes to what you want more at the end of the day. Whether you want better battery life or excellent perfomance? In my opinion, I would try to go for a 60:40 ratio with Battery life and CPU Perfomance. The Performance is quite important, yes, but without battery life, a phone is basically with no life. I would rather have a phone which sucks at performance with a good battery than a phone which can’t last for a period of long time. Even if it sucks, it can still performance something or another. Thank you!

Why HTC One Camera Is Good Enough For Most Of Us?

HTC One (M7 and M8), both are excellent smartphones, one is from last year while the other is the successor to that. In Specs Sheet, they are in their peaks at their respective years and performance-wise,they proved it as well. I am a proud owner of the M7 for nearly 14 months and I found it to be one of the best devices to have a consistent performances throughout a long period of time. If you had the money to spend for a premium hardware you can buy, I would suggest you to buy this and be a content kid.



The thing I was not quite happy about is the camera. Yes, I know, It has an all round performance,does the camera really matter? When you are an out goer, it does. HTC one Ultrapixels is a new logic which has improved low light photography and helps in capturing more light in to a photo. This is all well and good, but the downside is, the lens are grown in size and occupy a bigger portions and that’s the reasons why adding more pixels is kinda of a problem. Since less pixels,the picture is not at it’s best while zoomed. My personal problem with the M7 was the purple tint which i had during average or low lights. I checked multiple service centers, they told me it’s due to heat to the lens or maybe it’s a regional problem,but other than that,in bright light,the picture comes out well and it is quite nice at times. It has a brilliant Front Facing Cam which is loved by all the HTC users and it is really handy for me in Snapchat and Instagram for better pictures.


Overall, It depends on the user. It is reported that the Purple Tint is not found in the M8. It may provide average camera hardware,but still has one of the best Camera UI and the filters are simple and enhancing.The after edit is quite handy and makes up for the loss of those extra pixels and help in multiple ways. If you are much a social media person,the HTC One Camera tricks and features are more than enough to keep you busy. If you are looking for a more professional side, this is not the best option for you. Thanks!