What is the full form of AMOLED display?

We hear the word AMOLED Display, AMOLED HD Display, etc time and time again. But do we know what it stands for, at least? Most of us don’t! And most of us don’t know what’s the difference between it and other displays. So let us find out what’s the full form of AMOLED Display and the differences!



AMOLED Display stands forActive-matrix organic light-emitting diode Display.



AMOLED is an emerging display technology used in portable devices like mobile phones. Active-matrix OLED displays provide the same performance as their passive-matrix OLED counterparts, but they consume significantly less power.



Well, so what’s the difference between it and the LCD Display? Well not really that much. In a nutshell, LCD Display requires a backlight and for AMOLED Display, it has a built-in backlight and it has deeper blacks in it’s display. It also has better outdoor viewing capabilities, so that’s an advantage. So other than that, it’s the same.


So, does it make a big difference in what display you buy for your smartphone? Probably not, if you’re a person who uses the smartphone in a normal pattern and doesn’t mind the minor issues like outdoors visibility. At the end of the day, both are excellent displays. So, Good luck! 🙂