Flying is a dream everyone once has as a fantasy. But it is something one can’t do literally, yet. So until that probable day comes, we have to be dependent on third party devices like jetpack, aeroplane, jets etc.


Aeromobil has just recently announced their latest model called as the Aeromobil 3.0 which is a full convertible from a car to flying car and vice-versa. Is it the future? Probably, as it is in the finishing stage and a hybrid type. But will it be worth it? It depends on the buyers who don’t mind spending a good deal on this magnificent instrument.


What can I see wrong now? Many things can be seen wrong here.
1. It’s not just a car. It’s a flying car. So having a driver’s license is not enough. We need a pilot’s licence to be able to drive it.
2. From the looks of it, it’s not gonna be cheap, and it’s definitely not gonna be safe for people with safety issues, probably.
3. Need permit to enter other foreign land if flying over it, or becomes an act of terrorism even though it’s not.
4. The next gen will be better and comparatively well priced to the former

I’m not saying, AeroMobil is not worth it. I’m saying it’s not required for the time being as there are many procedures and precautions to be taken. But when it takes its valuable time and it rights it’s wrongs and shows up in the air, it will certainly be a future nail biting product to look out for!


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